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SlashGear is on WordPress Showcase

I’m honored that SlashGear was added to WordPress showcase for our unique implementation of WordPress & BBPress.

Quoted from WordPress Showcase

Why it’s in the Showcase: SlashGear is a major gadget and technology blog that receives millions of readers per month and uses WordPress to power its entire site, including main site, bbPress-powered forums, and video site. All three sites have integrated user tables and login session sharing.

Read more Launched – multi-dimensional social platform for consumers, reporters, analysts and PR practitioners

For the past 6 months I’ve been working on a new project outside R3 Media LLC with my business partner Vincent Nguyen and a great developer Daniel Lim. The project is called eGether; a multi-dimensional social portal for consumers, reporters, analysts and PR practitioners. Curious? Then head over to eGether now!

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Come together with eGether a collaborative multi-dimensional service combining the best functionality from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn.

Scottsdale, AZ, and Dallas, TX — December 8, 2009 — Addressing consumer demand to have one site that links to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn, eGether is launching today in public beta ( A collaborative multi-dimensional social portal for consumers, reporters, analysts and PR practitioners, eGether is centered around an Activity Pitching Engine (APE) that combines 255 character status updates and 999 character pitches, using familiar @ status messaging for inter-user communication. Status updates can include one image, while pitches can include image and video content (including embedded YouTube), documents such as DOC, PDF and ZIP, and hyperlinks.

eGether was founded by Vincent Nguyen and Ewdison Then after they had grown frustrated using a combination of existing networking tools to collaborate. They developed eGether to bring the best of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn functionality and features into one easy-to-manage social networking service structured around Activities and Connections. Activities originate from user status updates and pitches, combined with user-defined contact information, online galleries that can be tagged with people and products. Connections include private and public circles — groups of other eGether users with whom they collaborate, or topics about which they are interested.

eGether also allows consumers to obtain product and service information direct from the source, rather than second-hand. Consumers can use global search for the latest company news and reviews, and PR firms can freely pitch their clients’ products and services, rather than sending out individual alerts.

eGether offers a single information point with a custom URL for users that can be shared via email, Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere. Visitors can then engage in discussions with everyone from consumers, to people in the media, to analysts, or even engineers involved in the company. eGether also empowers users to connect and share what’s on their mind, or even just to share their thoughts on the shiny new gadget they received over the holidays.

To start taking advantage of eGether’s powerful social networking tools, sign up at

eGether is supported by an advisory board including Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, Inc. (; Michael Gartenberg, vice president of strategy and analysis at Interpret, LLC (; Seth Combs, interactive brand strategist(; and Judie Lipsett, tech blogger and founder of GearDiary (

For more information, contact

Vincent Nguyen
vincent [at]
+1 (917) 477-7911

Ewdison Then
ethen [at]
+1 (917) 720-8281

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