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SlashGear Live coverage on Apple’s Let’s Rock Event – Bandwidth usage

Earlier this week (on the 9th), Apple held a press event called “Lets rock” announcing several new things related to iTunes, iPod, and iPhone. As usual, SlashGear is covering the event live and I want to share some stats. Unlike the past, we did not hit 447k users during the livecast, that was our record. However we did get a decent 103k users (unique) for the “Let’s rock” event. Looking at the RRDTOOL, we actually hit 53Mbps during the period of livecast. The entirely live coverage went well and servers did not choke. Another press event was rumored to take place on the 14th of October, so we are hoping to break the 447K records.

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Week one iPhone 3G hands-on

After using it for a week, I have come to conclusion that the iPhone 3G is not quite what I expected to be (in not so great way). There are many shortcomings on it including battery life and lack of copy and paste functionality. While not all Apple’s fault, 3rd party applications need tighter quality control; many applications are crashing too frequently.

Apple said copy and paste function are not on their priority to-do list – without this feature, the iPhone 3G will not be suitable for writing documents, thus we won’t be seeing mobile office suite for it anytime soon.

Apple did publish a guide to conserve battery, but it contradicted the purpose of getting iPhone 3G – suggesting users to save battery life by disabling the 3G connection and use EDGE instead. I found this recommendation quite funny, especially for those who have 3G coverage.

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iPhone 3G Reviews on SlashGear – Activation Nightmare for Some people

The iPhone 3G is here and almost everyone on R3 gets one. Vince, Chris, Scott, and me gets the black iPhone 3G while Satsuki gets the white one. We have posted an iPhone 3G review at SlashGear – Japanese readers can see the quick hands-on video on SlashGear Japan.

We encountered problem activating the iPhone due to iTunes inability to connect to its server, but we managed to get it done in the same afternoon of the launch day. AT&T did not handles everything very well in regards of activation. Many users are left blind by AT&T to figure out themselves what to do next when they were sent home without an active iPhone 3G.

I spoke to one customer in an AT&T store at Denton and he said he was confused on what to do next as he never uses iTunes before, which I understand because not everyone that buys iPhone are tech savvy. AT&T should have send those customers that could not be activated in store home with a guide or solid instructions on how to activate the iPhone 3G themselves.

We will be posting iPhone 3G reviews on iPhoneBuzz and PhoneMag soon from a different user perspective. So check back shortly!

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It’s Over! I Got my iPhone! Unboxing at SlashGear and First Look at MY iTablet

After all the buzz and waiting, I finally have an iPhone on my possession. I did an unboxing video on slashgear and now playing around with it. So far I have to say, I’m impressed. The accuracy of iPhone’s virtual keyboard are very good and beyond my expectation. Review will be up soon on SlashGear and MY iTablet.

Ewdi Unbox iPhone and First Look

Vince aside from being the usual media-whore and mogger, he has gotten his iPhone an hour earlier than mine. He was camping out at the 5th ave Apple store in NY. Check out his first look on iPhone.

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Camping out for an iPhone

iPhone Camp out

Vincent will be camping out at 5th Ave Apple store in Manhattan starting the 27th for an iPhone. We have also prep bunch of giveaways during his camp out. I personally will be going down to one of the AT&T store in Dallas and try to join the mayhem of getting a new toy. Some people has started to camp out on the 25th in front of 5th Ave Apple sore, that is insane! If you are thinking of returning your iPhone after purchasing it, you might want to read this entry on SlashGear.

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