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First education venture – eduX

eduxMy wife is very excited to begin a new venture with three other partners in education services. The school is called eduX, a language learning centre in Shiogama-guchi (Nagoya) – opening this week on the 8th of August followed by eduX Kids in Mizuho-ku (Nagoya) sometimes in October. It is going to be a busy year for the family!

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SlashGear iPad App is launching soon – RC Screenshots

We launched SlashGear iPhone app last month and will be launching our iPad app in a week or so. The iPad App would be so much different than the iPhone counterpart. Here are some screenshots.

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Finding the right CDN for SlashGear

It has been interesting and educational two months; I had the chance to use several major CDN services on SlashGear. Choosing the right CDN is a matter of pricing/budget, delivery technology or features and POP availability. The CDN vendors I had the opportunity to try are MaxCDN, InterNAP, Highwinds, Akamai, and EdgeCast.

MaxCDN has the best implementation of web based management console. I really enjoy using them and still do use them on R3 Media sites (SlashPhone and AndroidCommunity). The cache-hit number is pretty impressive at 96.62%. Unfortunately MaxCDN does not have presence in Asia where 12% of our traffic came from (95% for SlashGear Japan). Last I heard, they are planning POPs in Asia.

I don’t have many complainw on InterNAP, however they are not the fastest of bunch, but not the slowest either -routing sometimes does not provide the best route.. Pricing is pretty competitive.

HighWinds is a very affordable CDN vendor, unfortunately it rewrites files URL rather than sticking with predefined CNAME you have setup for the account. Great reporting tools (entirely made of Flash) and control panel.

Akamai is the big dog in CDN business; I was very excited when giving it a try. It has robust control panel, fast aggregation of content when setting up origin pull, and it has many POP around the world. Speed is impressive, however I was disappointed to find out it was not the fastest out of the bunch and pricing is amazingly high unless you commit to a high bandwidth bucket. If you don’t need much bandwidth you can try VPS.NET, they are Akamai reseller with reasonable price.

EdgeCast was one of the CDN I didn’t plan to include in my search for CDN vendor, but I’m glad I did. Sales were very accommodating and responsive. Setup was quick and simple, however I wish their management control panel would provide origin pull progress and detail reporting. They performed the best during my usage (Pulling data from Dallas, LA and Nagoya), almost 28 percent faster compared to InterNAP and 14 percent faster compared to Akamai. I was very surprised by the delivery speed on small object (has not tested video delivery yet – large file object). Pricing is very competitive and they will work it out depending on your situation and usage.

So by the end of the day, I picked EdgeCast CDN to power, and due to its performance and pricing. However video files are still being serve-using HighWinds as part of UK2Group sponsorship.

Disclosure : MaxCDN sponsored SlashPhone & AndroidCommunity CDN bandwidth. UK2Group sponsored SlashGear TV videos bandwidth using HighWinds CDN.

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Welcome Ben Bajarin to SlashGear Team!

It is a privilege to have Ben Bajarin from Creative Strategies on SlashGear. Looking forward to read his thoughts on the tech industry with his column at SlashGear Ben also blog about technology on his tech blog here.

About Ben Bajarin

Since joining Creative Strategies in 2000 Ben has researched the global transition from analog to digital in consumer technologies and entertainment media. He has focused on projects and developed strategies in the markets of the digital home ecosystem, mobile computing, digital lifestyle and interactive entertainment, trying to understand how and why consumers will use new digital technologies in their everyday lives. His expertise is in understanding the Gen X and Millenial consumers and their present and future demands for technology.

His research and strategic work spans digital entertainment and media, brand marketing and awareness, social media and consumer products and services. Ben manages Creative Strategies behavioural analysis and digital home research center where the impacts of many consumer behaviours, digital home / family and digital lifestyle technologies are studied.

His current and past clients have included Sony, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Philips, Palm, NVIDIA, Intel, AMD and Microsoft to name a few. He speaks regularly at industry events and trade shows, appears frequently on technology radio shows, is quoted frequently by the press and has regular television appearances commenting on the latest technology news.

Read more Launched – multi-dimensional social platform for consumers, reporters, analysts and PR practitioners

For the past 6 months I’ve been working on a new project outside R3 Media LLC with my business partner Vincent Nguyen and a great developer Daniel Lim. The project is called eGether; a multi-dimensional social portal for consumers, reporters, analysts and PR practitioners. Curious? Then head over to eGether now!

Screen shot 2009-12-08 at 11.21.02 AM


Come together with eGether a collaborative multi-dimensional service combining the best functionality from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn.

Scottsdale, AZ, and Dallas, TX — December 8, 2009 — Addressing consumer demand to have one site that links to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn, eGether is launching today in public beta ( A collaborative multi-dimensional social portal for consumers, reporters, analysts and PR practitioners, eGether is centered around an Activity Pitching Engine (APE) that combines 255 character status updates and 999 character pitches, using familiar @ status messaging for inter-user communication. Status updates can include one image, while pitches can include image and video content (including embedded YouTube), documents such as DOC, PDF and ZIP, and hyperlinks.

eGether was founded by Vincent Nguyen and Ewdison Then after they had grown frustrated using a combination of existing networking tools to collaborate. They developed eGether to bring the best of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn functionality and features into one easy-to-manage social networking service structured around Activities and Connections. Activities originate from user status updates and pitches, combined with user-defined contact information, online galleries that can be tagged with people and products. Connections include private and public circles — groups of other eGether users with whom they collaborate, or topics about which they are interested.

eGether also allows consumers to obtain product and service information direct from the source, rather than second-hand. Consumers can use global search for the latest company news and reviews, and PR firms can freely pitch their clients’ products and services, rather than sending out individual alerts.

eGether offers a single information point with a custom URL for users that can be shared via email, Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere. Visitors can then engage in discussions with everyone from consumers, to people in the media, to analysts, or even engineers involved in the company. eGether also empowers users to connect and share what’s on their mind, or even just to share their thoughts on the shiny new gadget they received over the holidays.

To start taking advantage of eGether’s powerful social networking tools, sign up at

eGether is supported by an advisory board including Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, Inc. (; Michael Gartenberg, vice president of strategy and analysis at Interpret, LLC (; Seth Combs, interactive brand strategist(; and Judie Lipsett, tech blogger and founder of GearDiary (

For more information, contact

Vincent Nguyen
vincent [at]
+1 (917) 477-7911

Ewdison Then
ethen [at]
+1 (917) 720-8281

All marks are the property of their respective owners.

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Online journalists believe that web advertisements will save the news

It is no secret that the newspaper industry is suffering but several journalists who work with online newspapers believe that the future of the industry will be saved with the help of web advertisements. The Online News Association conducted a survey of approximately 300 journalists and the vast majority of them said that the news industry will find a way to stay profitable.

The survey questioned the journalists as to how online news sites would be able to turn a profit in the future. Around 60 per cent of respondents said that web advertisements would be the most likely way to generate revenue in the next few years.

Print publications have slowly begun to realize that their readership base is shrinking. In most cases, the good news is that these same readers are heading online to read the information. A great example of this is a major newspaper like the New York Times. Every month this site receives millions and millions of unique clicks.

While their subscriber bases might have receded, the customers are still reading the news. The only thing that print publications need to do now is figure out how to generate the revenues from their online readers to make up for what they might have lost through the print side. With web advertising continually growing, it seems like the perfect opportunity for a number of these publications to cash in on.

Perhaps this strategy is oversimplified and it could prove to be ineffective. Rupert Murdoch recently noted that web advertising rates were simply too low.

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Wedding Mapper introduces new type of web advertising

gi_0_kswichitastatandadsPopular website Wedding Mapper is changing the way web advertising is conducted. In what is considered to be a first in the advertising industry, Wedding Mapper is going to start auctioning off space for web advertisements that will be placed on a variety of different local sites.

The President of Wedding Mapper said of the new web advertising scheme that “Most industry websites cannot afford to cater to small, local businesses due to the overhead required to penetrate such markets with a sales team. Because we are fully automated, Wedding Mapper can serve diverse markets and support large and small businesses delivering the industry’s most competitive pricing structure with stronger results.”

Wedding Mapper uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine price levels. This algorithm takes into account things like web traffic and even the city which the site might be geared toward. Any company that wants to participate in the web advertising auction is required to create a budget. After the bidding process is over, Wedding Mapper will chose the winners who will then receive premium advertising space.

Those that win the auctions will receive an update every other month which details how well their advertisements are doing. Various statistics are included in this report such as the click-through rate.

So far the auction scheme seems to be working out well for Wedding Mapper. The site has already received around 250,000 bids for advertising space which covers approximately 7,000 markets.

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