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SlashGear iPad App is launching soon – RC Screenshots

We launched SlashGear iPhone app last month and will be launching our iPad app in a week or so. The iPad App would be so much different than the iPhone counterpart. Here are some screenshots.

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dfGallery – The best looking flash gallery on the web


When the developers of dfGallery said they are committed to make the best looking free flash galleries, they weren’t joking. dfGallery is designed to support custom themes with multiple skins for each theme giving users great flexibility in term of UI. The first version of dfGallery was downloaded over 200,000 times and the newly released successor (Currently 2.0) will probably break that record. If you are looking for free, cool, and easy to use gallery, give dfGallery a try.

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miniBB Integration with WordPress 2.5.x without reverting to MD5 password hashes

If you have not heard of miniBB, it’s a very lightweight forum web application – we use it on SlashGear discussion forums. Prior to WordPress 2.5, miniBB integration to WordPress was fairly straightforward and easy. WordPress 2.5 introduces new password hashes, phpass and it breaks many 3rd party application integration, including miniBB. While you can revert back to MD5 Password hashes, it seems futile as the new password hashes was in place to keep WordPress more secure.

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My Wife – Amazing cook and dedicated parent

I’m really amazed on how my wife is handling things around the household, you guys might see a lot of her writing on SlashGear Japan (she’s the executive editor there), but she still manage to run the “Mom” tasks flawlessly. I’m married to a wonderful woman and very dedicated in parenting my little sister (real life lesson in parenting!).

So what does my wife cook for my sister to take to school for lunch? Well, many things really, I’m going to post her lunch box creation from time to time. So here is the first batch of her lunch box.

Lunch 1 Lunch 2 lunch 3
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Scale up or go down – in search of better servers setup

MySQL LogoFor the past couple days, I’ve been trying to figure out how I can keep our flagship sites up during sudden spikes of incoming traffic. We have moved to LiteSpeed Web Server two months ago and it does help; however the bottleneck is back to MySQL. So recently I enabled slow-queries log on MySQL server to get started on query optimization. I found some wordpress plugins (recent comment, featured entry) are in fact causes slow queries.

So we have slow queries problem fixed, and during the month of May, we received another big wave of traffic, close to 300k unique for the day. The server is still able to handle the traffic but it was crawling, and server load reached as high as 9.1 according to top. MySQL took as much as 75 percent of the server resources and then we knew we need to get another machine dedicated to MySQL alone.

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Live Keynote Coverage of WWDC at SlashGear and MY iTablet

Okay guys, WWDC is around the corner so I spent the whole weekend preparing for the event. I developed and put up a Webcast system where our Editor will be able to bring you live coverage of events such as WWDC. Check out SlashGear’s new section called SlashGear Live and MY iTablet Live Webcast. Both of the webcast system will be use to deliver instant updates of the event without reader having to refresh their browser.

Utilizing Ajax technology the SlashGear Live WebCast system will keep you updated on everything that happens on the keynote events. I’m very excited about this new addition to SlashGear and MYiTablet. Enjoy the coverage.

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