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What a meal – 4th of July cookout

Well, it was not really a cook out since Texas weather is not very forgiving during the 4th of July. Our BBQ plan was ruin, but my wife came up with an idea of “Spaghettis parties”. She made probably around six different spaghetti sauces. Instead of pouring those sauces on top of my spaghettis, i picked up a hot dog bun with my beer batter sausage and pour those nice pesto pasta sauce and etc on top of it. It tasted amazingly good!

What a meal - 4th of July cookout

After the meal, we went to the park to light up some fireworks, it was fun aside from the fact that we were feeding the mosquitoes. I hope next year it w’ont be a rainy day on 4th of July so we can do a better cookout and camping.

What a meal - 4th of July cookout
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Crawfish, Crawfish, more Crawfish!

Almost every weekend, my family always have a cookout. This week we are doing it at my uncle’s house. TJ (my uncle) suggested we do crawfish this time, and off we did. I honestly never have boil crawfish before, so this is the first time. The weather was so nice (cloudy and cool), we decided to do it on his patio at the backyard.


I have to say, boil crawfish is awesome! It’s close to how shrimp would taste like, but it’s a little bit tastier. Next week we are doing Indonesian Kalasan chicken. My other uncle’s wife and my sister are planning on some of the menu already. I love family cookout, it brings everyone closer and we always have fun doing it. Vincent, you better make it next time, we might do fear factor style cookout (Daniel – a close friend of the family, suggested we do fear factor style lol!)

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Intresting Job Offer, But I think I’ll Pass

I received a call this morning from a consulting firm in Dallas. Apparently I’ve been under their radar for a year and I was pretty flattered with the offer and opportunities they give me. The job was to head research and development of statistical application and managing 24 programmers. However I turned down their offer as i have bigger things I want to do in life.

What is this “Bigger thing?”. Well my father basically convinced me to do it and I wont spill the bean yet on what it is, but it will be so big, I might need some help on my way up. As for now, my primary focus is R3 Media LLC and all our network sites (slashgear, slashphone, myiphone, phonemag, and etc).

……and i want to thank James Long for putting good words about me to them and I hope we can work together in the future J.

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Missing in Action? Of course not

I finally have time to make a post today. I’ve been working on the new SlashPhone (ETA end of this month) and giving SlashGear a little makeup. If you visit SlashGear today, you’ll see some minor changes. As for SlashPhone, it’s still a suprise so i wont reveal anything yet. I’m seriously going to start writing again on SlashGear once everything has been completed.

Well i’m going to sleep now, catch y’all later.

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Working from home, the bad

I’ve work from home for a year now, and I have to say it’s very rewarding. I spent more time with my family and really able to understand my own household. I don’t want to go into details on the good working from home; I do however would like to point out some bad things that I experience recently on working from home.

Home used to be a place of stress free and shelter me from work related issues, now since home is my work place that is no longer the case. I don’t usually bring up work related issue to my wife but since she’s involved in the company now, I can’t really avoid certain discussions. But on this matter she understood very well.

Sometimes I work without knowing how many hours I have been sitting in front of my computer, enhancing our network sites is becoming my hobby. I don’t have much to complain about it as I really do enjoyed it, but my family starting to dislike this part.

All and all, I still love working from home, the bad does not out weight the good things. It’s a trade off and just like every aspect of life, certain things are well balanced and certain are not.

Well, till next time…..

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