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NBA Playoffs : Four Team Left – Who will you pick?

Phoenix is out, and NBA Playoffs has reached Semi Finals. I think Spurs will take the Western Conf Finals series, and Detroit will take on the East. Cleveland has played great, but Lebron still needs to be able to get his teammates involved and without that, Detroit will definitely take over the games.

Phoenix vs San Antonio is one of the best series I’ve seen this year, I was hoping it will go for best of seven, but that did not happened. Steve was great, he’s one of my fav player in the league, however during the 4th quarter he should opt to score instead of looking for passes as the rest of the Suns were in the hole. He was on fire in 4th quarter!

Well, i cant wait for the next round…..

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NBA Playoffs – What a First Round!

The Mav is out and gone fishing as the guys at TNT always said. Miami, last year champion is also out. This is why i love the NBA playoffs, lots of unexpected turn and drama. You got to watch out for every team that gets into playoffs no matter what seed they are.

Don Nelson is simply an amazing coach. The “Mad Scientist” really deserve all the praise (Not taking away what Baron and the guys did against the Mavs). As for Mav, I’m a HUGE fan of my town’s team, but i really do think Dirk Nowitzki got to play alot more aggressive in the playoffs and step up to be a leader. Josh Howard was plain great in the series against the Warriors, and Diop just stays very active on the board area. Mav is great, just not good enough in playoffs.

Well, right now I’m rooting for San Antonio and Detroit. Hope to see them plays each other in Final.

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The Mavs Got to Move On!

Yes, it was heartbreaking last season losing to the Heat in the Final after 2 wins up and 3rd game is supposed to be on Mav’s win count, but it’s time to move on. Mav is 0-4 to start their season, this is a really bad starts, I know 4 games doesn’t make up a season, but the Mav got to wake up and go back to the Western Conf Champ’s mode again. It’s great they have made some improvement on their rosters and keeping the core guys together, but watching the first 4 games, Mav is still stuck in their loser winds. Don’t blame the lost of Mav to the injured Josh Howard, because Mavs have a very deep bench and I do think Avery will use an bitty weapon he got on his roster. So Mav, get it going!

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